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07-08-2011, 07:25 PM
Back in 73-74 or so after the Decades had been discontinued a friend asked about some new speakers so we went into the local JBL dealer and they had the last pair of L26's a demo pair for $110 each which he bought.

Fast forward to last Thursday he mentioned that he was cleaning his garage and found the long retired JBL's with blown woofers twice he said and did I want them?
We went in and I expected pushed in tweets and trashed cabs, one side had a nasty scratch and the orange grills were dirty but the tweeters were perfect looking with Herald Muscle Magnet 12" woofers with rotted surround using the original JBL screws.

I said I don't know if I need another project looking for 125A's when he said I have the originals but they are blown like those, he thinks a rotted surround is blown. He brings them out and the look good on his VOM. I'm still not that hot on the project no price had been mentioned yet when says I have the extra black grill covers which he digs out and I remember they sold him an extra set of grills cheap to clean out the Decade stuff. We look them over and they are brand new never used L26 blue grills. So he asked for $40 and I bought them.

On the way home I am thinking I have to buy a 125A re-foam kit when I remember that I mistakenly bought a 125A re-foam kit for my L19's and did not return it since it was not that much and it was my mistake.

Low end JBL Decades yes not a pair of 4343's in the garage attic but re-foamed the tweeters are good and they sound very nice in the garage still sporting the cleaned up orange grills.
Odd how things come around.

07-09-2011, 12:05 AM
Nice story and save! :)