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06-04-2011, 09:25 PM
Greetings....This is my first visit and registration solo.
I got the L100's a couple of days ago...and I have to open them up to clean the vari pods for the mids and tweets.
I have the LE25's out
I have the LE 5 - 2's out....and before I get the big one out, anything to look for or special caution I need.

Well, I have the machine bolt/screw out around the woofer, and it is tight. I have leaned it over and with my fat hand barely getting behind the back side of woofer to push out, still can move it.

Any help as to removing the woofer would be much appreciated, or an easier way to lube the pods without removing the woofers.

I want to pass on about using a q-tip dipped in water, gently apply to dust cap area that is pushed in(not soaking - but damp), then with a vacuum cleaner(with narrowest opening adaptor), cautiously work around the damp area , using your own judgment on the process, like how close. It worked out pretty good, not perfect, but at least not a ugly pushed in cap.

My L100's are #240450-A, 240802A, and from pulling out the little drivers, I get the feeling I am the first to open these up( I hope ).

06-05-2011, 08:02 AM
Well, this is what I did.
I went into the hole that the machine bolt was, and put a punch to the most upper edge of the entry of where the bolt goes in, and gave a few medium punches with a hammer.

Then I stuck my hand (lucky I got it out afterwords) in where the tweet goes, and turned the speaker on its' side , and with my fingers, thumped as hard as my fingers could stand, and then it popped out, luckily without any damage to the woofer and only minor paint off from inside the woof housing edge.

attached photos

06-05-2011, 04:27 PM
You did well. Those can stick pretty hard.
Nice job on the dustcap patch too.