View Full Version : Vintage (1949) Altec 800 Speaker and its N-800-D Crossover Questions

04-30-2011, 03:25 PM
Hi -- I am getting ready to hook up my McIntosh MC-30 and Mono tube preamp to the all original
Altec 800 movie theater speaker (with wings and all original components) that I have.

I need help with the following:

-- should the wires that go to the terminals on the N-800-D crossover be soldered, alligator clipped, taped, or ???
-- any recommendations on a good (maybe vintage?) wire to use for between the horn and woofer and the crossover, and between the amplifier and crossover?
-- which of the two INPUT terminals on the crossover is the 'hot' or 'positive' one? (Mine are unmarked)
-- what OHMS setting on the amplifier do I use for this speaker?


05-26-2011, 11:41 AM
Eric, I see no responses so Ill dive in.

1 - solder the wires
2 - Just use normal speaker wire. 18-16ga will work wonderfully. I dont use vintage wire, it was cloth covered and sometimes has points of exposed wire. Cool for the collector though! Save money and get new.
3 - If u can open the crossover you should be able to identify hot with use of a schematic. If you are only using two speakers, just make sure you hook both up the same way so one is not out of phase (working against the other)
4 - What kind of amplifier are you using? Tube or solid state. I would hookup to 16 ohm, 8 ohm will be fine as well.