View Full Version : Altec 32343 Crossover Schematic?

Corona Blue
04-21-2011, 07:32 PM
Greetings everyone-

My first post here. I came across your forum while searching for info on the Altec 32343 speaker cross-over.

I have a couple of these units that are in need of re-capping. But this is my first time looking at one of these and I can clearly see that someone has done some "re-work" in there, as evidenced by the poor solder work. So I was hoping someone here would have the schematic with original cap and resistor values so that I can verify everything. Does anyone have this schematic?

Also, maybe some of you have a preferred brand of cap for these units? I'd like to use something that is good and stable in the 10kHz range. There are so many new cap manufacturers now, it's hard to know what is hype and what is good product. FWIW, the existing caps are about 12mm diameter and 30mm in length (axial). Figured you X-over gurus would have some preferences with regard to caps.

Thanks in advance for any help and for the very cool forum.


Corona Blue
04-22-2011, 06:27 PM
Ooops!!! I just realized that I may have goofed by placing this thread in the "Electronic" Crossovers section... this is just a passive C/R job... my bad... I will re-post in another section.