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04-03-2011, 03:50 AM
Hi All.....

I have 2 - 3 questions I hope that someone will answer :bouncy:

I have one pair of JBL L220, Iam pleased to have. I shall start to build a tube amplifier at 2 X 300 watts of Class AB and 140 W in class A, however, the output power in Class A is determined by the impedance of the speaker over the whole frequency area. So my first question is.

What is the impedance of the speaker in the in the whole frequency range?

I want to in the same context like to improve the speaker since I hear a phase shift in the midrange and treble, if one run a swipe

What capacitor type should I choose for the crossover?

I want to emphasize that I am not for either gold or silver cables for several tudsinde $ however, I am a good quality all the way through.

So what I think is that I would like to use about 500 to 700 $ for a capacitor.
I've looked at Jensen capacitor without silver legs!

What is your experience?

Thank you in advance Allan :)