View Full Version : 802-8 vs. 401-18

02-28-2011, 08:36 AM
Iam looking for some advice...
I have two Altec Lansing 802 style HF drivers. The first is a 1953; it is labeled 802-8 15 ohms.
The second, made in 1973, says 401-18, Made for Heath Co. Both seem of the same construction. Both say Altec Lansing on the cap.

The 802-8 15 driver had stopped working; it’s diaphragm read open resistance. Upon inspecting the 401-18, I found the diaphragm was cracked, so I purchased two 802-16 ohm diaphragms from SoundSpeakerRepair a few weeks ago. The new diaphragms seem to have the same DC resistance, which is the same as my damaged, but electronically intact diaphragm from the 401-18. The diaphragms installed easily into the drivers.

Now the 802-8 seems to be about as loud as the 401-18. I don’t remember this being the case before. I might be able to compensate with the pad on my Altec N 801 crossovers, but I am wondering if I made a mistake assuming these drivers could take the same diaphragm and if there is a better solution.
Thank you,
Chris, New Hampshire