View Full Version : SR4722 HF Driver Issue

02-19-2011, 06:21 PM
I just recently started to get into music, and I was given a pair of SR4722's in "unknown" condition. (After a quick inspection, I suspected that there would be some trouble.)

I fired them up for a quick test and found that the high frequency driver doesn't produce any sound. The 12" woofer did work, though. I removed the network panel on the back and inspected the insides.

Aparent or possible issues: the 1/4" jack for external out was removed/missing; the circuit board for the passive crossover is blackened beneath the large resistors; the wires that ran from the circuit board to the speakers were cut (!?) and re-spliced together with different speaker wire.

I'm hoping someone would be able to provide some guidance on how to debug and possibly fix these guys... I don't mind purchasing a new crossover or drivers, but would prefer to understand how to test these and verify my replacement/purchase is correct.

I'm brand new to PA sound setups and speaker repair, and I really appreciate any help or pointers!