View Full Version : ( pLEASANT ) Surprise with 4412's and imaging. (Should have remembered some basics).

02-03-2011, 04:40 AM
I had been "fighting" with the the prrospect of realizing acceptable imaging performance from a pair of 4412 monitors for some time. I've been archiving a large (and very heavy) collection of vinyl LP's to CDA, Flac, & (ugh) MP3 files. I particularly like to hear the "3D" qualities that I know should be produciblle with these speaks.
I had just rearrainged my small nearfield room, for reasons not related to audio. BUT...
When I put the monitors back in the room I "temporarily" placed them vertically, with the tweeters up and to the outside, a "no-no" technically speaking.
I am, now for the first time in this room, very pleased and impressed with the "inadvertant" results. Imaging & soundstage qualities are great now.
So again I recalled a profound, but occaisionally forgotten lesson from the instructor of a basic multitrack recording course I took at UCSB in 1982... TRY EVERYTHING, and go by the sound, the results, not by theory or conventions. Yes. Hell, yes!
I don't remember the name of the gent;eman who taught that course. He had just retired as the Head of A&R as well as Chief Engineer at Columbia Studios in L.A.
His outlooks on recording and sound quality were spot on every time. This is where I spaced out that basics concept and then spent a lot of time "spinning wheels", a real dumbo move on my part.
BTW these JBL's are still quite excellent sounding, but surprisingly power-hungry.
Hey, I'd better pull a few mothballed amps out and try them again.