View Full Version : 116H-2 repair

01-14-2011, 09:32 AM
Hi, I have two 8" 116H-2 woofers I am looking to repair. I had them re-foamed many years ago by a popular Florida speaker repair company. I know, my first mistake! Anyway, after a couple of years use they both started to debvelope a buzz with extended low frequency notes. Very specfic in the low frequency so they are not difficult to still use. I first assumed an amplification problem. This is not the case since it happens with different integrated amps.

I know these drivers have very close voice coil tolerences so I am assuming improper alinement or improper foam type. There looks to be a replacement driver available (116H-3) but they are quite exspensive and I would still be left with two flawed drivers.
I still really enjoy these old work horses (L60T) so any help or advice would be appreciated.
Thanks, Smitty