View Full Version : 128H 128H-1 129H and recone kits

01-12-2011, 04:42 PM
hi everyone,
if any authorized jbl recone people could reply that would be great,my question is would jbl use the same recone kit in a basket with a magnet (motor?) structure thats has a different gap size for each or is it possible that there are some info, spec, etc. errors?
the gap for those drivers are .053" and .057" and in the consumer data they are listing that the L65b has a 129H using the C8R129H , 129H has .057" gap
on the L166/L166a has the 122A/122A-1 using the C8R129H ,but the 122A/-1 has a .053" gap
is this info correct because also the 128H (white) has a .057" gap, the 128H-1 (black) has a .053" gap, i would have thought that those would have had the same gap. only being different in color,aquaplas placement, but it looks like its more then that. i have a pair of 120ti with no woofers ,i had 1 128h-1 and a 128h basket that i was going to put a c8r128h-1 kit i have,but now i dont know if that would work or not ,i dont have them here to measure the gaps plus i cant measure thee ones that are complete.
well if someone could comment i would appreciate it
thanks to all