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12-26-2010, 03:32 AM
Hi guys I'm Maciek age 21. Used to live in PA for a while but now am back home in Warsaw, Poland. Was hooked on audio gear since I can remember just like dad. He had a nice DCM setup for many years and was about to get a new set of speakers. At the time I had my restored condition L 36's and was very enthusiastic for JBL in general.


Talked him into buying an excellent condition pair of Ti 250 Jubilee as we were amazed with the general quality of these cabs. Here they are in the living room:


Now I'm pretty much hooked for JBL, but havn't yet auditioned the big Infinity's ;)

Anyway just posting to say hi. Europe is a tough place for Vintage and quality JBL product fans, so I'm hoping you guys are going to help me source a container full of JBL speakers for shipping to Europe. Kidding of course but I'm going to do that some day anyway.

I'm selling my L36's to finance a set of XPL 200's. I've read about the DX-1 x-over for those and how it's unobtainable. I was thinking about making a clone of the DX-1 and can't believe the topic has never come up yet. I might not be an electronic but Polish Diyers are always willing to lend a hand and they always get the job done. I'm concerned about the search function on this forum, as it randomly spits up "sorry, no results"? What's wrong with that? I can't get any results for "xpl 200" search ;( Also is there a classifieds somwhere on this forum?

My 250's are in need of a bass driver refoam, what kit is the best from your guys experiences?

I'm also about to grab a 6260 amp is it a good one?

Really sorry for the general tornado in my writing but there is so much JBL questions around my head that it's impossible to write them down in a logical way.


Titanium Dome
12-26-2010, 12:41 PM
Welcome and happy holidays!

Try "XPL200" or" XPL200A" instead of "XPL 200" and some hits should come up. Eliminate the quotes, of course.

Here's my long thread on an XPL200A pair that I brought back from near death.


Also do an advanced search with" XPL200, DX-1" as keywords and "pasadena" as the user name.

There's a lot more to find, too. :)

12-26-2010, 01:14 PM
Yeah I managed to get the search running. Apparently it doesn't accept a sequence of words? I read your thread earlier, helluva nice job you did on those speakers. Can't wait to audition and inspect the pir locally. Here is a link: http://allegro.pl/jbl-xpl-200-unikat-i1361065532.html The seller is asking around 1k USD and states there are scratches on the veneer. Hopefully he will be willing to negotiate.

I also managed to find the classifieds, hopefully some day I will build a clone of the any big blue baffle 18?" thumpers cabs. I havn't heard of anyone in Poland in posession of such speakers. I'm pretty much done with buying god knows how many amps per month, time to do likewise with speakers ;).

12-27-2010, 01:29 PM
This sounds good too:


Yeah, I'm crazy. If any of you have two pairs of L 36's i highy recommend this setup! The music scene is rediculous, one can not spot the speakers!