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08-20-2004, 11:19 PM
Hey, Oldmics - this Thread's for you...

I'm phanatical about mic'ing the Kit - no matter where we are, regardless of hall size - I mic it all. The Kit is too often treated poorly - if at all - by modest sized bands, and yet it is critical to the sound. It's a lot of work (and channels...) to mic it proper, but there is nothing less that is acceptible. But, I'm Shure bound, and that may not be the smartest approach.

It's working fine, but show me what you know...

Kick - SM52 Beta (through face to w/in inches of kick)
Snare - SM57
Hat - SM56A Beta
Toms - SM56A Betas
Ride and crash - overheads, SM81's

So, lemme have it... :duck:

08-20-2004, 11:36 PM
The Dead have used these for centuries. They must be condensers - but what: old-school 414's...?

08-21-2004, 12:45 AM
Bo Quote

"The Dead have used these for centuries. They must be condensers - but what: old-school 414's...?"

Not 414's-Sennheiser 421's,dynamic mics

In my opinion,the best mics for toms-BUT-Pretty boy drummers want there face to be seen so now everyone has gone to those tiny tiny little mics,which can sound good with a ton of processing and a very expensive desk at F.O.H. but not feasible at club levels.

Its all a trade off!

I"m not sure what you are asking for ??????

Are you asking for suggestions about the mics you are currently using? I"ll bust on the 81s - HATE EM !!!!!!

Its all about the style of music that you are working with.

I am under the impression that you are working with a blues style band.Drum sounds for that type of music are usually very natural sounding,more like just making the kit louder.

A death metal drum sound with a huge clobbering 40 hz along with added click defination at 6K just would not fit with a blues band.

What are you trying to achieve?

Did you ever get my long winded PM about drum sounds a few months ago?

Little toasty now after a brutal load out-We should talk later

Best regards


08-21-2004, 10:35 AM
Ah, I knew you'd be awake at that awful hour - wherever you were... ;)

It's an alt-country jam band. Lot's of originals.

I'm just wondering if the compliment I use - which seems fine - is optimum. Modest to small sized clubs; larger venues have their own gear (which sucks... :( ), but I do bring my DI's and some mics.

I did get that pm - I thought I replied, but if not, thanks again! I'll re-review it. 'preciate your input.

08-21-2004, 01:07 PM

"Its all about the style of music that you are working with."

Bo reply Quote-

"It's an alt-country jam band. Lot's of originals."

So with original material there would be two ways to go.

If the material fits into the sonic realm of lets say The Blues Travelers,then to stay in that vein listen to the drum tones and see if that sound will fit the music that you are working with.

I would go to see whatever bands sound you would like to emulate in a LIVE concert setting and compare those live drum tones as to what you are expecting to hear from the albums studio tones.As you know there are a million tricks to create any sort of sounds live.

The other way to go is to create a unique tone for the material.This thought process could get in the way of what the musicians envision there sound to be.Sometimes better left to producer engineers such as Phil Collins and let them introduce those new tones thru material they are releasing.Its tough to get the world to accept a new sound in music and cultivating that live may be an uphill battle.

Think Lemmings !!!!!!!!!!!!! = The Audience

I"ve been very fortunate to have musicians allow my tonal interpitations and effects processing to be included into there finished work.

Most of this hashing of ideas comes from extended sound checks where the musos were just noodling around or trying new compositions and things developed from there. Although the PISSER is that I did not make a dime from my ideas.Still its nice to know that those snippits were my creative contribution.

Just keep doing it Bo and enjoy.I can"t begin to tell you how many clams I caused early on (Course I could get away with them back in the 70s)


08-21-2004, 03:06 PM
Thanks, Oldmics - ponderous stuff.

I mostly try and catch "honest" sound - using mics that are colorless, best GBF and durable. That has led me to this grouping.

No likey the 81's, eh? :confused: They've been good to me. What do you prefer for overheads? Lordy knows I'm needing to keep draining the wallet...

Well, the dreaded Trailer's out and hooked-up. Off we go to another load-in. :bouncy: I'll check-in here after load-out - maybe... :snore: