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11-30-2010, 12:03 PM
Just saw the latest on Ti Dome's XPL rehab. Glad it's going well and what he's got driving it is way cool. The J-Fet stuff is legendary. I'm wondering how it stacks up against the MOSFET technology, as I am fond of the MOSFET amps. My little brother still has his XPL-200's and he has no plans to rid himself of them either!

Sold the L7's, tho' I regret it. I should've had the crossover reworked or had a new one built that would direct less power to the woofer and more power to the midbass. The reason I'm saying this, is that I notice that if you drive a subwoofer louder than the speakers supporting it, the excess bass has a tendency to 'mask' or overpower the other frequencies. Has anyone else noticed this? I found this out through many listening sesh's with the 4315's and the Velodyne subs supporting them. Too much bass and the rest of the music seems to fade into the background.

Still have the L5's and they are enjoyable and different, but somewhat dry, compared to the 4315's. On the big ol' beasts, I notice you can hear the decay of a piano note, being able to fade away softly in a natural sounding way, while with the L5, they just lack that feature entirely. Something missing in the depth of the music, but still a fun speaker to listen to. Maybe it's the digital age, who knows?

All in all, still enjoying the heck out of the 4315's and don't see upgrading or needing to buy anything new, they satisfy me that much. They just need a tad bit of help on the bottom end, thus the Velodyne HGS-12's. Love to pull the covers off the 4315's and see the vast expanse of JBL blue and the lovingly hand-built components. We used to build really bitchin' stuff back in the day!

I will be reinheriting the original pair of L-65's that I brought while in the service in 1978. I picked them up brand new in Japan, at Yokuska Naval Base as a young marine, paying $630 the pair, versus $1,200 retail. They are much beat up though, with the cabs getting loose and other damage. My brother has them in his garage. Looking forward to getting them next month.

All, have a great holiday and keep on enjoying what's left of JBL.