View Full Version : L110 Complete Cross-over Rebuild

11-22-2010, 12:50 AM
Hi all

Thought I might share a couple of photos of my completed L110 Cross-over, had to completely re-cap, re-wire & replace the Resistors due to the corrosion that had built up throughout the cross-over & wiring.

Caps are Dayton 250v, Resistors are also Dayton 2% tolerance as are the large Binding posts & the cable is the infamous,
(Zilch Wonder Cable). :D Cat5e Data Cable ;)

If you search this great site you will find the extensive efforts put in by Titanium Dome & Zilch in exploding the myth surrounding expensive speaker cables.
Please dont turn this thread into another cable debate, each to there own I say, but for me if it performs the same for a fraction of the cost then it's the one I'll use every time. :p

It's such a shame no one will ever see all the hard work we put into rebuilding these but I quess the ears can appreciate the effort. :bouncy:

The first pic is one of the originals, followed by the rebuilt cross-over.

Cheers Wayne.