View Full Version : The last 2 months N-L from Audiophile Club of Athens...

08-16-2004, 11:59 PM

Two months pasted by since our last N-L, and many new files have been entered in the Club's web-site, which I believe will be of some interest to you...

Please click below for the July - August 2004 (http://aca.gr/forum/files/newsletter_jul-aug04.htm) NewsLetter in HTML form.

From there, you can navigate around our 15 latest entries to the Club's web-site (http://aca.gr). (Links to the last 2 months' entries, with some High-End systems updates, new t/t pictures etc. are included)

(For those of you interested in our monthly N-L, you can subscribe in our Mailing list (http://aca.gr/console.htm) to receive it in your mail box)