View Full Version : Refurb.ing URIE 813s and have a driver mounting question

09-21-2010, 12:50 PM
I have had my 15" LF drivers re-surrouned by OCSR and the results look good, however there was a gasket/s (as I recall) that sat ontop of the driver to space out the hold down washer and cap nut. When OCSR sent the repaired drivers, they sent new gaskets that don't seem to be wide enough to provide enough surface area for the hold down washer and cap nut to secure to. If I try to hold the gasket to the outer edge while tightening down the washer / nut, the gasket deforms.

I have attached a couple of pics to help convey the problem.

Can anyone with 813 experience verify my memory and the hold down architecture for the 15" LF driver?



09-21-2010, 01:26 PM
the bolts should be an Allen head and the foam should be the softer type - not the rubberized, automobile type surround. Also was the gasket originally paper on your version?

There were MANY types / brands of helper woofers used in the 813 line.


09-21-2010, 06:08 PM
That seems very strange unless these have already been modded before I got them, although I suppose that is possible? The bolts come out about 3/4 inch from the front of the cab. The bolts are securely attached in the cab. If that is a home brew holding system for the bolts it looks great, official and works real well because they are nice and stable.

I can send a picture of the internal bolt mounts if you like. I guess I am wondering a coulpe of pretty basic things now.

A) should the 15" sit diectly against the cab (I would think so) or should gasket/s go between the cab and the driver (can't say as I have seen that before, but I figured I would ask)?

B) Is there really a need for the / a gesket between the driver mounting flange and the washer / cap nut? (maybe this provides some form of mounting isolation that I haven't seen before.

Unfortunately I think I sent the original gaskets in with the drivers, so I don't have them but as I recal they were a very dense cardboard or similar material.

Thanks for your help !