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09-15-2010, 07:34 AM
Hello all, Iím Josh

I joined your forum recently because I was fortunate enough to have gotten a nice pair of Valencia 846Bís that I want to learn about and repair.

The speakers are in pretty nice shape with some chips in the veneer and some scratching but nothing to bad. One of the speakers had the original 806A w/811 horn and 416-8Z, the other cabinet only had the 806A w/811 horn and a radio shack realistic that had rotted away.

I am trying to locate some information about the particular 416 that I have as I canít find one similar. All of the things I have read state that the 416-8Z is the same as the 416-8A just that the Z has no magnet cover. Well the one I have does in fact have the cover. I am just trying to find out if it would be ok to purchase a 416-8A if I canít locate and 8Z?

I plan to send the horns to GPA as I have read that is the place to send them to get the best service.

Now to the other question that I am having trouble locating an answer for. I do know there is a search function but I get lost in the technical info in the posts about crossovers. Can someone please tell me what caps (values and brands) I will need to rebuild the crossovers back to stock? I would like to stay as close to original as possible and I am hoping to see some pictures of the crossovers after they have been rebuilt. Again I know this has been gone over many times but Iím a visual learner and donít comprehend things as well just from reading.

I have included a bad camera phone picture of one speaker and also a picture of the speaker in question.

Thank you for all of your help and having a great forum for me to learn on. Josh



louped garouv
09-15-2010, 02:36 PM
yeah, altecs are somewhat notorious for coming in many different variants...
especially if they were put into complete systems, is my understanding...

take any information you are told is 'gospel' with an understanding that not all
things are consistent in Altec-land...

is all I can offer...


those baskets do appear quite simmilar to the images of 416-8As
I located online using google....

09-15-2010, 05:49 PM
I can't answer your question, but you should post this query over on the Altec site...

I'm sure they'll be able to answer your question,

Altec Best
09-23-2010, 11:05 AM
They are unlabeled 416-8B's ! unlabeled usually without the magnet cover get the Z naming