View Full Version : JBL Creature 2 volume problems.

08-23-2010, 08:24 AM
Hello everybody,

i'm new at this forum so if i posted this topic in the wrong thread, correct me plz :)

now my problem.
i bought a few months ago a new speakerset, the JBL Creature II. The sound is great!
this week my nutrition exploded :o so i had to buy a new one, my computer works fine now. the only problem i noticed was with my speakerset, the right satelite (the one to adjust or lower the volume) doesn't work propperly :S the touch buttons to change the volume won't work when my computer is turned on.

i do hear sound and can listen music, but i can't turn it down or adjust the volume...

i'm Dutch so my English may not be that good :P

does anyone know what the problem is, how to solve it or has ever had the same problem ??

Greatings, 018Mitch.