View Full Version : Altec 515B woofers reconed, but running on the side..

08-08-2010, 01:41 PM
I am new here, so be gentle with me please :)

Recently bought a set of Altec 515b woofers, 804a drivers, 811b horns, n800d networks. I have bought dyi a7 cabinets and just installed everyting today. Looks awesome and sound very well as well, but....one of the woofers is not functioning properly. When I move it by hand it is not quit, but makes a squeeky sound. I need tips to overcome this horrible problem, I am close to brake some stuff :(

I will post a picture later, so the system can be seen!

08-08-2010, 03:00 PM
The obvious guess is that the voice coil is rubbing on that bad woofer.

Are you able to run any very low freqeuncy tones through the speaker and tell us what you hear.
Out of curiosity could you measure the DC resistance across the woofer (without the crossover attached). Has the woofer been in storage for a long time?

If it is rubbing voice coil, this is, of course, a serious and expensive problem.

scott fitlin
08-08-2010, 11:37 PM
Yeah, sounds like the VC is rubbing, and IF you have to have it reconed, send it to Great Plains Audio in Oklahoma City. Small company formed by ex ALTEC employees and headed up by Bill Hanushack, also a former ALTEC employee. Anyway, Bill's prices are reasonable compared to everything else in the audio world, and GPA's work is as perfect as your going to get. AND if your 515 has an ALNICO magnet, they will recharge the magnet as well. In any event, IF you have to have your woofer reconed, having GPA do it is essentially the same as buying a brand new woofer.


EDIT: OH I just saw your location and your in the Netherlands. However, even though shipping will be expensive, your best option is in fact GREAT PLAINS AUDIO. You have 515b woofers, they do have ALNICO magnets, and GPA will re-gauss the magnets in addition to reconing them, and YOU WILL HEAR AN AUDIBLE DIFFERENCE, for the better.