View Full Version : Altec Lansing ACS48 Basic Help

07-25-2010, 09:34 AM
I inherited an ACS48 from a friend. She doesn't have the user's guide and can't remember how to hook it to a computer.

If someone has a manual they could scan & send, I'll pay for it.

I may be going blind but I don't see an on/off switch or an LED on the woofer. How does one know if the thing is even powered up?

If no one has a manual perhaps someone could sketch how to connect the three speakers to each other and to the computer. What's with the two input jacks?

Thanks for your help

08-02-2010, 09:39 PM
To power on/off... "Press the Up/Down volume controls simultaneousley to turn power on and off. A green power indicator (located between the up/down buttons on the right speaker) will glow to show power is on."

Speaker hook up "sequence"... DIN connector from right speaker goes in SPKR OUT on sub, left speaker plugs into right speaker SPKR jack.

The Inputs 1 and 2..." Both inputs are equal. One input can be used for the computer output and the other as described in 'How to Enhance Presentationwith Dialogue'."

The "HOW TO" states, "A CD player or other audio source can be plugged into the unused INPUT. Mixing of the computer audio output with another audio source can be accomplished by using the volume control or ON/OFF switch on the second audio source."

This covers the points of your question. Best of luck.