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06-24-2010, 05:27 PM
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Am juut a newbie here. Been trolling for some time trying to get myself acquainted with Altec speakers. Just wondering if the guys over here can help me. Recently got a pair of 515b drivers (16 ohms) and a pair of 288-8g on 805b horns. Can anyone suggest what cabinet design and crossover design is suitable for the mentioned drivers. I'm not so sure if the Altec A5 (828b) enclosure design would dohttp://www.audio-database.com/ ALTEC/speaker/a5-e.html Also what dividing network will work on this? Im a dimwit with technical stuff but I do have good hands for cabinet making.

Another question is, if the final impedance of these speakers come out to 16ohms, would it be ok use this in an 8ohm tap? Thing is, I currently have exisitng tube amps that I want to use so I don't have to spend anymore but their taps are only for 8 and 4 ohms. I know that these drivers can run on flea powered SET amps but I simply have limited budget for both projects. Will a tripath T-amp work on this as well?

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06-26-2010, 12:11 PM
I would post this question here since this forum is dedicated solely to the older Altec Lansing stuff:


I beleive the 515s have a very high sensativity rating but were designed for bass horn enclosures. I've used the Altec 416, 411 a fair amount but not the 515s. These were the standard woofer in movie houses for about 40 years - dido for HF 288s compression drivers, I beleive.

If you need any repairs or diaphragms etc, consider Great Plains Audio (GPA) as they are the successors to the defunct Altec company. I've used them with good success.