View Full Version : Analysing Model 14 crossover

06-23-2010, 04:28 AM

Being unable to find a schematic for the Model 14 crossover, I decided to draw it up myself and simulate it using impedance and spl measurements from the drivers.

I donīt have the 12" Altec woofer, but I used a Coral 12" woofer with the same sensitivity (94-95db) in a 60 liter BR cabinet.
The compression driver is a 908-8B, and it might have a bit less HF extension than a 902 with alu diaphragm.

The simulation is done with the HF and MF controls in the middle of the optimum range.

The SPL measurement is done 40cm in front and 5cm up from the middle of the horn.
The horn is placed on top of the bass cabinet with about 35cm between centers of bass driver and horn.