View Full Version : Ti 5000 G Crossover Network Tuning

06-17-2010, 12:27 AM
... in order to improve the sound quality of my Ti 5000 i had the idea of tuning the network.

The mission got very complicated due to the fact that there are obviously to versions of the network and the schematic in the available service manual was the wrong one ...
A lot of thanks at this point to Chuck, who had the nerve to draw a schematic ... otherwise this would have become an even more complicated mission.

Starting point:

All the capacitors, resistors and most of the coils were about to be exchanged with better parts from Mundorf.

Mundorf metaloxide film resistors
(exihibit no residual inductivity)

A lot of Mundorf mCap and one mCap Supreme as additional bypass capacitor for the tweeter section

Bass section uses two transformer core coils with much lower resistance than the originally use corobar coils (0,39 + 0,17 Ohm instead of 0,66 + 0,27 Ohm).
The rest are Mundorf air cored vacuum impregnated and baked varnish coils

After ours of hard work here is the result:


... and they sound great ... very controlled bass, wider and deeper space and more detailed especially at higher frequencies (as if somene has drawn a curtain ...)