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06-08-2003, 10:33 AM
Hey, Don...

I'm certain I'm 'bout to put my foot in it, because you've taken the ever-loving-care in providing this (and the temp ;) ) Forum, and have clearly thought about its structure, but here goes...

Watching this Forum accrete at a seemingly exponential rate, and without a great deal of coherent order (e.g., "should I post this in General or Technical, or maybe Marketplace if things don't work out... :p ). It truly is fast becoming a phenomenal database, but one which is not well structured (I face the same enigma on my Harddrive filing all this!).

It seems some structure might benefit all, more akin to that on the Lansing Heritage Site. Maybe Home Cabinets & Components, Professional Cabinets & Components, Networks, and Alnico versus Ferrite (and Polarity :D ) need be segregated so that Searches and Re-searches can be done more effectively. Otherwise, there is this recurring request and reposting of things when they were missed or have become a project, anew. And General and Technical remain blurred.

Granted, posts and replies often digress a bit, but the seeds won't be so easily buried.

Oh so humbly submitted to your Wizardness,

Don McRitchie
07-10-2003, 04:31 PM

For whatever reason, I missed this post of yours. The suggestion to change the structure of the forum bears discussion. In particular, there is now a second post requesting consideration for the addition of a forum on music sources of interest to Lansing fans.

I am open to any changes for which there is a reasonable consensus of opinion. Hence, see the new poll in this forum.

08-05-2003, 08:52 PM
Hey Don...

I awakened to a seemingly startling need for The Forum: References and Sources, which I hope we here will endeavor to keep separate. ;)

"Doh!" on me, being a researcher (but not in this space), for not "seeing it" sooner :banghead:

References: The wealth of information/experiences often impetuously posted here, are repleat with wonderful and often lost, references. Not all posts are inclusive of this, but frequently enough that we should try and maintain The Library.

Sources: As well, and in-part to support those who try and slake our thirst for vintage gear and the like, the Forum should offer a quasi-organized sub-forum - a Directory - where this noise is more readily accessed. wrt the rant on-going regarding the ever-fading availibity of large-format monitors and components (if it weren't for eBay, where would we REALLY be...), we should do everything we can to keep Forumites informed as to how to find those that are providing whatever. Not an endorsement by the Forum, per se, but merely a directory. This would be different from "Marketplace" - which serves a great purpose - but seems to be +80% Links to eBay.

References might include:
- JBL Technical Bulletins (i.e., Links)
- Lansing Heritage Site (Link)
- Journal of Acoustical Research
- Books and other Journals/Periodicals
- Internet Links (the risk with these is they are too-often transitory, relying upon the sustenance of the provider in keeping the Link "live")
- etc.

Sources might include:
- eBay
- Mike Caldwell's resource for components
- surrounds (I will NOT recommend recone kits here because of JBL's recently tightening noose around these sources)
- cabinet makers
- sources for vintage (restored, and not) gear
- audio gear (i.e., preamps, amps, EQ's) that Forumites have road-tested
- ??

Thinking too hard,