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03-29-2010, 10:11 AM
Hi I've got a local guy looking to unload a pair of altec VOT's and a hafler 220 amp for $500 and I'm considering it, but I was assuming there were A7's, that is before he sent me the pic's, what are these things? looks like the A7 base bin but unside downa and he is telling me that the horn and driver are under the clothed section. Here is a snippit from the email.

"There are 2 speakers 30"L X 24"W X 42"H. The Altec horns are inside instead of being mounted on top. The crossovers are hand made according to factory's specifications."

Any one have any insight, he also told me the driver were remagnatised 5 years ago, what are they, are they worth $500, how would they fair versus my La Scala's(ew Klipsch)?


03-29-2010, 10:13 AM
To flip it upside down and mount the horn in reflex port.
Ask him to send you a picture with the grill cloth off!

Mr. Widget
03-29-2010, 02:12 PM
Any one have any insight, he also told me the driver were remagnatised 5 years ago, what are they, are they worth $500, how would they fair versus my La Scala's(ew Klipsch)?It's subjective. Here is my attempt to give you an objective view of average examples of both speakers. Since you are familiar with the Klipsch LaScalas, my comments about them should help you see where I am coming from.

Both systems are quite sensitive with 1 watt giving greater than 100dB output. The Klipsch is a bit more sensitive. Both systems are lacking in bass. Neither system has deep bass. Below 70-80Hz both systems are significantly lower in output than they are in the midband.

Both systems are colored sounding. I would guess that someone who really likes the Altec coloration wouldn't care for the Klipsch sound less and vice versa.

The Altec has a larger HF driver and with that a less strained midrange relative to the Klipsch, but it lacks a tweeter and has a rolled off top end due to this.

There are good arguments in favor of both speakers and equally good arguments to sell them on eBay and get something a bit newer.

Are these Altecs worth $500? probably, but not necessarily. You should check them out before moving forward.


03-29-2010, 06:44 PM
Thanks for the replies, I couldn't get him get me pic's behind the cloth but he did give me this info.

"The 15" woofer are Altec Lansing 416-8A.
Then crossovers are Altec Lansing crossovers Model N801-8A
The Horns are Altec 811b, and the drivers are Altec Model 807-8A"

So whats the judgment are these A7's? I'm leaning towards letting them pass, saving my pennies and scouring the goodwill/garage/cl for a model 19 or a JBL 44XX series pair instead, not sure I really want anything bigger then my Klipsch's in my already cramped living room.

scott fitlin
03-29-2010, 06:53 PM
How big is the room that you have in which your system will play? Even though the A7 isn't a really big, long throw horn, it still does require some footage for the sound to develop. If your going to be within 10 feet of the speaker at your listening position, you might actually be better off with the Model 19,s!

I still use Altec basshorns, and I like listening to them about 25ft out from the speaker!

However, and although the 19 is also a nice vintage speaker, you still will lack the ultimate in HF extension, and in my place we began in 1976 with A7,s and 816,s and 815,s with 311 and 811 horns, NO TWEETERS. BY 1978, we HAD TWEETERS! Couldn't live without them!

03-29-2010, 07:13 PM
Scott, yeah my room is on the small side I currently have my Scala's about 7 feet apart slightly toed in and I sit about 12-13 feet away from them, and given my small home that about as much space as I can get. I'm pretty happy with my current set up but the Scala's and to a lesser degree the kg4's I had before them have sent me on a bit of a quest for horn's and classic American HiFi in general, though it seems that the A7's in question may take a lot of work and would be a rather lateral move from the Klipch's.