View Full Version : Just scored L80T's...where's the magic?

07-16-2004, 03:35 PM
Hi folks,

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to score a 'local' pair of L80T's, in above average condition. Based on the fine reputation these have in many forums, I was very excited to give them a good listen.


After playing with them for some hours now, I'm trying to understand what appeal they have/had that made them desireable.

Here's the problem --
Compared to the two-generations-older L36's, they are flat, boring, have rolled off highs, and are very 'east coast' sounding, as in "no excitement".

All of the drivers are working originals, and both speakers sound the same so I don't suspect any damage.

The big question is, "what happened to the L36's 'junior L100' style magic that I was expecting in these L80T's?"

Heck, I want something that sounds like JBL's not Dynaco A25's! :confused:


07-16-2004, 04:09 PM
I just picked up a pair of these. I had to sort out the tweeters. I found buzzes in about half the ones I have bought between the L80Ts and L20Ts I have. I compared them to the L112s I have, I think they sound better in mid and high then the L112s, but I liked the bass of the L112 better. The 035Ti have a lot better specs then the LE25 or 044s. I think the LE25 is beamy and rolls off early. In general I like the L80T better then my L112 so far, I havent listened long yet though. Might want to make sure the mids and tweets are okay. I initially didnt notice the buzz in the 035ti but couldnt figure out why it sounded wrong. I brought it into OCS and they tested and found one was bad. I have to learn how to tell the difference with the sine wave test. I dont particularly like the look, reminds me of mid 80s Technics plastic stuff, but I like the sound.

07-16-2004, 08:51 PM
Dunno, guess it's just different tastes. Back in the day, the 250Ti, the 120Ti and the L80T were my favorites of all the JBL consumer stuff. I really didn't care for the 4311s much, compared to them.

To me, the tonal balance of an L80T, when its positioned out from a wall (they do tend to get "bass happy" a bit when cramped into a corner or a tiny room), is more like "real music" than the L100 or 4311. This is from someone who has come to enjoy the L100 and 4311 for some things they do well (dynamic "punch", among other things)... despite that, I still recognize that the L80T is more accurate. And to me, a more long-term listenable speaker.

And as for the highs- they should NOT be "laid-back". If they are, I suspect you may have some distressed 035Tis on your hands. The pair I recently aquired (AT LAST! I own a pair! I could never afford them new) doesn't have that problem whatsoever. My only nit, really, is that they demand a fairly large room, for the bass to "settle down"... but in such a space, they "get with it", in a major way.

But, if you're simply looking for "another flavor"... if the L100/L36 is your cup of tea, the L80T is simply different. IMHO, better, for me... but that's why all these different speakers exist, really... because people DON'T always agree...