View Full Version : Altec 816 cabs Crossover recommendations

01-13-2010, 05:44 PM
I have just purchased a clone pair of Altec 816 and want to use them as a upperbass/lower mid section. I have custom built 4530 JBL scopes that are designed for 18" JBLs and they pump out the lower bass. I usually cross them over at around 250 as they start to direct radiate at the point in the cab. The question is I have Altec 511 horns on the top with an older set of 1" Altec Drivers 16ohm (Not sure which model as I haven't pulled the drivers off the horns) I have one N 500 G crossover in one and some frankenstein crossover on the other horn. THey will need to be replaced. I have a set of Beyma 250 that crossover at 2K, but what would be the best crossover point for this 816/horn combination. The horns sound a little bright and want to go towards a warmer lower midrange sound. Can anyone suggest anything. Another option is to stick selenium 4400TI2 with a 2inch voice coil mounted to JBL 2380A horns. I am using these as a FOH system in a small club and at some outside venues.