View Full Version : difference in 2202H and 2206H both 8 ohm

11-24-2009, 09:39 PM
The 2202H is limited to 300 watts, while the 2206 will handle 600 wpc. What other differences are there? I was going to build front right and front left front channel with the 2202H's (8 ohm); and it seems I have 2206H (not a third 2202H) would be used in the front center; so should I get a matching 2202H instead?

I also have a set of 128H's swimming around; which need re-surrounding.

The 2202H's were to be my mid bass drivers in a mono-tri-amped system, using AB Systems active crossovers for the x-over; as inherited from the Chicago Museum of Science and industry, with the 2206H in the end (2202 on either end left and right. Mids would be a 2245J w.2385A horn all three positions, topped with HF 2404J driver (baby cheeks). I'd use the active network in the ab system 713 or the dBX driverack 260- to set the correction x over points.

Can anyone provide a starting point for these; and particularly> will the 2206H work with the 2202hL; Or do I nned to aquire more 2206's or fewer2202H's?