View Full Version : Problem with Toltec inductor on L110A?

10-30-2009, 09:49 AM
I'm in the process of replacing the surrounds on my JBL L110A's. I am the original owner and I purchased these in 1980. I have uploaded pictures of the two crossover networks. On the picture with the Toltec 30511 (Speaker SN 50370AH) it looks like all the other L110A networks I could find on the web. The other one with the Toltec 10073 (Speaker SN 50565A), the inductor/coil looks different. There isn't even a bolt (it wouldn't work with this coil anyway). I bought these as a "floor demo" from Bob Morgan of Sassafrass Audio in Montgomeryville, PA, maybe it was a repair? Any help on what, if anything, I should do about this? I have the schematics from this site, I'm not an EE, so which of the "L"'s does this correspond to? (L1, L2, L3, L4) I'm guessing L1.
It is L1, I found that this is a JBL part #58593 2.5 inductance coil or "air core". This is the same as the air core on the N96 in the L96 and the N112 in the L112 and the N150A in the L150A.

Looks like maybe this guy had the same problem: