View Full Version : Altec Lansing Model 14 enclosure and crossover

09-26-2009, 01:35 PM

I've recently aquired a pair of Model 14's, and I've been having a lack of bass.

So today I opened up the cabinets to have a look if a capacitor has dried up or something, and I came to notice a bit of dampingmaterial that didn't really look original to my eyes.
I'll check the crossover anyway, cause the potmeters on the front are not functioning. They're not even making a scratching-sound, so I suspect som modding has been done.

Can someone tell me if this damping is original?
And does anyone have original drawings of the crossover/filter?


Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I just held my mobile phone into the box, through the hole where the horn usually is mounted.