View Full Version : BVAudio and 4430s

08-03-2009, 03:38 PM
Thought to share with you my positive experiences of using BVAudio's P1SE and PA300SE pre/power amplifier to drive my 4430s.
After doing some research in this forum, reading through the lines in reviews and seriously factoring price, i order the set direct from www.bvaudio.sk
Price was more than resonable (click "ceny" on BVAudio's site), Mr. Ladislav Bunta respond to my emails promptly and i really enjoyed his polite humor about "audiophiles".

Spend about a year exploring 4430's and room accoustics, (BTW, thanks for all the help you all gave me, http://audioheritage.csdco.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=19964 ) sonics was more or less as described in reviews, - Google BVaudio and read reviews of previous models in tnt-audio or 6moons - and though PA300SE never clipped or even got hot, I was always feeling the need of that little bit of drive and headroom. I ordered another PA300SE, bridged the two amps with Mr. Bunda's guide and now i have one pair of 400w monoblocks... and I must say that THIS makes a huuuuge difference in sound!

Not only in frightening high levels (4430s cope easily with that, bass is much more deep and controlled, sound NEVER smears and amps never light clipping or protection leds... ) but even in low listening levels sound has more body... something like a fine loudness effect.

For those of you who want lots of watts, with just an amplified reproduction of the original recordings AND a sensible price, these amps are highly recommended. No affiliation, just a satisfied customer.