View Full Version : 4311s trailer find

08-02-2009, 06:24 PM
Thanks to a tip from an anonymous forum member I drove from Tampa Florida to near Columbus, GA and bought a pair of mis-matched 4311s, a JVC stereo receiver and a Realistic dual cassette deck for $100.00.

One of the 4311s is a 4311WX-A, the other is a 4311B. JVC JR-S301 stereo receiver seems to work. Cassette deck will be donated to a charity thrift store.

Hard working Georgia guy needed some money, times are tight in that part of the country and he didn't have the luxury of shopping his stuff around to the highest bidder.

I've just now gotten back home and need to think about what to do with the JBLs. Cabinets are cosmetically challenged and one of the tweets has a "party push" ding in the dome and the foam diffusers are gone on both tweets.

What is the functional difference between the WX-A and the 4311B?

Thanks for the fellowship!