View Full Version : can it be done??

07-30-2009, 02:20 PM
hello all,
im a new member-(long time lurker/first time poster)
ive built several speakers in the past from various web designs, and in the goal of the ultimate for me i wish to build the following (if possible)

i want to run my favorite drivers ive found over the years in a pair of active speakers with a single sub between them ie a 2.1 system. idealy with the crossover being in the digital domain and using my cambridge audio dac- i presumably would need to buy 2 more of these- 1 for each active channel.

the problem is i want to run them for surround sound aswell- separating the sub from the rest of the drivers for use in films- can this be done??

for reference the kit i have is the following- squeezebox>CA dacmagic>parasound halo a51 (5channel) -using digital vol control in squeezebox.
the surround amp is a pioneer ax2 av-s.
and a pioneer 51fd bluray player.
drivers to be crossed over are a audax TW034, a atc scm 175 mid dome and a volt b250.2 mid/bass driver with a jbl 2242 sub.