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07-30-2009, 10:19 AM
Hello All,

I am sitting in my studio listening to a vintage BGW 750E that sounds beautiful on my stock Yamaha NS-10M's.

I have checked through this amp and the only thing I can find wrong is the fan defeat will not defeat the fan, it runs wide open all of the time. I'm using balanced 1/4" inputs and have disabled the ground switch to achieve totally silent operation with the inputs wide open. It looks just as you would expect an amp this age to look, scratched up some but no excessive dings.

Obviously I can't push this thing really hard without shredding these little speakers but the meters are registering beautifully, and everything fully lights up just as it should when you power this puppy up.

The amp was a gift to a youth summer camp I am involved with in eastern Tennessee and I am trying to turn it into something useful for them.

If anyone is interested please PM me and I will gladly supply pics, serial #'s and whatever else I can to help this camp out.

Wish I could keep this thing, the imaging is beautiful and it really wouldn't be to hard to defeat the fan if I deemed it necessary . . .

Care to help some deserving kids out and acquire a classic amp in the process anyone?


08-01-2010, 08:42 AM
Yes keep it.But don't forget the kids.Decide what the amp is worth to you,go to the local music store and with the number you have come up with,buy them a small package P.A. with mics,stands and some stuff they can Karaoke with or whatever.I bet that would be more fun for them than staring at a fifty pound black box with a fan?

08-02-2010, 07:12 AM
Yes keep it.
Don't need it, cant afford it . . . I wish I could buy the PA for the kiddos . .