View Full Version : LX-7 crossover schematic?

06-04-2009, 08:09 PM
I got this crazy idea that maybe I should 'improve' my L55s (LE14A+LE20 tweeter) with a compression driver and horn/lens setup. Sort of a mini L200 or something. Knowing that you can't just stick these things together and have them work I looked around here to see if it's been done before and lo and behold JBL actually had a similar system called the S14 using the LE75 with the H91/L91 and the LX-7 crossover. Great! There's even an S15 using the H92 instead of the H91. I was amazed to see that JBL even offered an S-18 kit: LE14A, 375+1237/1290 (the huge 'masher!), with LX5/N7000.

Anyway...I can't find anything on the LX-7, and I searched here and Google. It's an LX-5 with additional padding to match the LE14A, and looks to have only been used in systems with the LE14A woofer. (If I were to do this I'd probably have to build the LX-7 although I suspect there's a tapped inductor in there that's kinda hard to make...:blink:)

BTW I'm currently using the L55 woofers as the bass portion of an Econowave experiment as seen on AudioKarma - Selenium driver and all. So now I'm curious about how a vintage-1970's JBL system would sound. I think the slant lens might fit behind that funky L55 'sculpted' grill, but I don't know if the horn/driver will have room inside the cabinet. Am I silly to try this?