View Full Version : Cleaning an Altec screen

05-24-2009, 11:42 PM
OK, so I'm refurbishing a pair of 802s that so far has included drilling out a busted 1/4" mounting stud, tapping all threads, replacing missing binding posts, cleaning VC gap, re-painting the covers black, etc. Later I will have the motors recharged and I will
install new frams.

Anyway, I've noticed the screens seem to have some crud on them. Obviously, these are located deep in the driver near the phase plug and they are difficult to access.

I need some ideas on the best way to clean these. So far, this is what I'm thinking:

1. Soaking some cotton in acetone and pushing it down the driver throat and letting the solvent act on the screnn for several minutes.

2. Remove the cotton and blow out the crud using compressed air from the phase plug side, in effect forcing any loose crud out the throat.

Is this a good idea or is there a better method to clean the screens?

05-26-2009, 06:17 AM
...any ideas?


05-26-2009, 06:32 AM
IIRC, the screens on those are brass, and can get a bit delicate after years of service.
Carefully blowing air seems like it would be a good start, ... not knowing how the mesh
is held in place, I'd be hesitant to concur with the solvent idea though (someone else will
certainly know much more about this).