View Full Version : JBL Paragon changes in Crossover

05-15-2009, 06:05 PM
Has any body out there has any information on the up date of the crossOver net work?. My Paragon loss it's highs recently on the left side. And I found that the 1.5Mfd Sprague was open and the rest had changed value etc 1.5Mfd (Change 0.98Mfd) 16.5mfd (Change 189.0Mfd). So I had decided to change all the Sprague caps with Solen caps. Except the low freq end which had 3 pcs each 13.5Mfd (LX5 crossOver)which where potted with tar. Would appriciate any help on recommended parts to change.The speaker is back to life sounds better but would other change on capacitor improve it's performance?.
Thank You.
Joseph Lazaroo