View Full Version : Query on 604-8K Network

04-12-2009, 02:55 AM

The 604-8K network has two positions, one to use it as a HF attenuator, the other as a 2-band EQ.

May I know at the HF Attenuator mode, is the horn equalization circuit for the mantaray horn switched on? Or do I have to switch to the 2-band EQ mode in order to switch on the horn equalization circuit?

Just scored these, they are in very good condition. I had VOTT A7/A5 before, but these duplex somehow images extremely well. I guess that's why they used it in so many studios.


04-17-2009, 08:11 AM
Just to give an update on the 604K/620. I was using it free standing and was not satisfied with the overall balance, while it images and does vocals well, it tends to sound lean with not enough bass volume and extension. I couldn't understand how ALTEC could spec it as 30Hz to 20KHz.

Then I decided to place them against a wall after seeing how they are mounted in studios. Jackpot!! The sound is full and solid, and good bass articulation and punch. And the Optimum setting on the mid and high Lpads are spot on too with this placement, there is no need for further adjustment.