View Full Version : New Library Annex

03-04-2009, 02:50 AM
Just noticed the appearance of this (to me) new sub-section, certainly a highly welcomed extension for the excellent library here, which is also wellknown as being in 'sleeping beauty'-mode currently :) (Dornroeschen-Schlaf).

For sure others would have way more to contribute, but I thought I could add at least better scans of the little flyer 'Maintaining JBL Enclosure Finishes', as those I posted in a main forum quite recently were, um, improvable regarding their readability. It seems only admins can/will post there. Would one of them be so nice to describe the general procedere for adding appropriate or missing literature from members, if that will be possible at all, and what will qualify for being added in this section? Who will be the contact person(s)? Thanks.