View Full Version : Repair to L20T grill?

03-05-2009, 06:49 AM
I'm repairing a pair of L20T speakers that I bought off eBay...

They arrived with crushed tweeters, and a broken grill. Tweeters are now taken care of (replaced), thanks to a kind local JBL enthusiast.

Now its time to fix the grill. The frame is solid, the fabric is ok, but all the pegs have been snapped off, so that the grill no longer attaches to the speaker.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The grill is no longer available from JBL, and no luck watching eBay so far for a replacement.

I have a broken grill off a L80T that I thought of cannibalizing, to glue its pegs onto the L20T grill, but I'm not convinced the pegs could be securely attached.

Looking for some feedback...