View Full Version : D216 w/ 2404s

01-26-2009, 11:24 PM
I am thinking of making cabinets for my pristine D216s. These are, of course, the 16 Ohm version of the D208. I will combine these with 2404 compression drivers. Since I plan to use a 2A3 SET tube amp with only 3.2 watts per channel output, I am considering not using a crossover, but simply filtering out the low frequencies from the compression driver. I will use an L-pad to control the volume of the tweeters.

What size box would I need for the 216s? Will it be a strain on my amp to try to run the 16-Ohm D216s and the 8-Ohm 2404s like this?

Currently, I am running the 2A3 amp with LE8T drivers with a JBL LSR12P subwoofer handling the lows. This sounds great, but I think I can do better. Any opinions or advice would be appreciated!

Takasaki, Japan