View Full Version : Identify Altec Voice of Theater speaker

12-27-2008, 02:20 PM
Hi guys

Recently I was at a theater that has - the owner says - Altec VOT speaker behind the screen.

The left and righe channels are what I recognize as A6, with normal horn. The center channel has something I cannot recognize and I'd like your help.

I saw it only by side. The shape from the top is like the picture I'm attacching. The back of the speaker is open and inside I can see two cones facing the BACK of the speaker. I know that this speaker should not have ALTEC components anymore :( since they should have been replaced with cheaper ones once they broke :(.

The horn is a multicellar one.

And another question: since this speaker is open on the back, would be correct to install it in some kind of "sound wall" so that the back part of the speaker is in another room than the front side of it?

Thanks for your help.


Steve Schell
12-29-2008, 10:38 PM
Tony, nothing comes to mind from your drawing and description except possibly an early W style folded bass horn. There were several of these that used two woofers and were tapered on the sides as you have drawn. When looking at the rear of the enclosure were you seeing the front side of the woofers (cones, dust caps), or the rear of the drivers with the motor sticking out? The latter would describe the old W bins, which usually did not enclose the drivers. Can you see the woofers from the front of the enclosure? Some pictures would really help.

12-30-2008, 03:16 AM
Hi Steve!

Thanks for your help. From the rear I can see the fron of the cone but I think they were all replaced with non-altec drives (i know it's a no-no, I didn't do it!) so I cannot say if perhaps they were installed in the same way of the original.

I cannot see the front since the sceen is not removable! I'll try to make some photos from the rear, as many as I can do.