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11-20-2008, 02:04 PM
Anyone here who has installed floor spikes on the larger floor-standers? I'm talking L220, L150/A, L250, etc.

My L150A's have to sit on thick carpet, and always start to lean forward quite a bit. The boxes under them are perfect for installing a couple 2x4 rails and some spikes. Questions of audio quality aside, this would fix the leaning issue, as would a set of outriggers with spikes.

Question: Has anyone gone this route? If so, what was your impression of the differences in sound? Mine would be sitting on slab with carpet and pad.

I also considered making some simple plywood or steel platforms with spikes, that the 150As could park on. This would make moving them around a lot easier than having spikes in the cabs.

11-21-2008, 07:54 AM

The link above is for Brass & Granite Audio in Salem Oregon. I have no affiliation other than I have purchased spikes from them in the past and was very happy with the results. I think the jury is out on how or if spiking cabinets improves the sound. I do like having them anchored to the floor for nothing else other than if my young granddaughter bumps into them, they will not move! I think there may be something to the idea that the movement of the woofer is more accurate and/or stable in an anchored cabinet?


11-21-2008, 08:56 AM
I'm familiar with the available spikes and such, I just wondered if anyone had done this sort of thing and the results.

I'm leaning towards a simple plate of spiked steel for the speaker to sit on. Wood would be 2nd choice.

11-21-2008, 09:12 AM
I went with leveling feet


since my heavy speakers need to be moved from time to time, you just cant slide them with spikes,,:(

11-21-2008, 09:25 AM
I went with leveling feet


since my heavy speakers need to be moved from time to time, you just cant slide them with spikes,,:(
Unfortunately, these have no value on thick carpet. Even cones are marginally effective, since they don't really pierce the carpet and pad. Only spikes will give a true coupling with the slab underneath. My idea for a spiked plate also solves the issue of moving the speaker and can be used for other speakers as well. It has the drawback of not being attached to the speaker, but the weight of these type speakers should overcome most vibration issues. Outriggers serve a similar purpose, but are attached to the speaker.

11-21-2008, 09:50 AM
Unfortunately, these have no value on thick carpet. .

I have thick carpet and have used spikes and feet, HEAR no difference, coupling to the floor is over rated IMHO, my attenuators are on the speakers rear, so mobility is more important than perceived sound improvement with spikes, and leveling is a breeze, just turn the feet up or down.

12-28-2008, 07:58 PM
If you want speaker spikes, the best place to source them is a shop that sells snowmobile parts. My favorite is the Woody's "Eliminator" drag pick.
They come with a 1/4-20 thread and in lengths starting at .750".

Normally, you can get a bag of 48 for around $30.00

I used what I needed and then combined the rest with brass 1/4-20 threaded inserts and handed them out to my "audiophile" friends who were blown away at how cool they were.

If you really, absolutely must spend more money, they are avaliable in titanium:)

12-30-2008, 01:34 PM
Hi, I haven't noticed any difference in sound quality with or without spikes. What I do want is to aim my Altec M14's slightly up and in (on commercial carpeting, very old house with squeaky floors). I used Marlin 444 magnum rifle cartridges, drained by the dealer free, for $14.00 a box of 12. They simply do the job and can't be seen. For the first time with all the various audio equipment I've owned over the years, I found out what a reproduced soundstage could be. What's really cool is the illusion that (during classical listening) the tympani's and other percussion instruments sound seems to be coming from the ceiling/rear wall area and the string section from the floor. All else where they are in concert. Diana Krall's (I like her) piano comes from just off center left, string bass far right, percussion left. Vocals center in your face. Oh well, I get closer!