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Hi All,

I am new to the forum, but a 40+ year JBL fan/user. Thanks to all (particularly the unloved moderators) that conceived and keep the forum going. I have lurked for years, decided to finally make an honest man of myself:o:
I have recently encountered repeated problems with the edge treatment oozing on 2213Hs. Has anyone else on the forum encountered this? I did a search here and found nothing under 2213H or 2213H oozing. Maybe I don't know the trick or didn't use the right word for the problem. Anyway I know I am not the only one because I see it mentioned repeatedly on "The Bay" and "The List" under 4411s for sale. Most often the seller doesn't know what the problem is. He thinks something is leaking "out" of the speaker. (One guy thought his cat had pee'd on the speaker!;))
I have never seen this problem occur with 123A/2212s. It appears that JBL changed the "dope"when they went to the 2213. It is a green, not orange in color. The problem may be due to storing the speakers in a hot garage.
I recently helped a friend clean up the mess from this when he was selling his 4311Bs. Close inspection showed that the ooze was from the surround. It would have EASILY filled a table spoon! If I had thought of it at the time I would have taken a pic. One woofer was quite a bit worse than the other, which seemed strange. Just for laughs I pulled both woofers and tested all the T/S parameters and they seemed to be as close as any 20+ year old drivers would be. The FS were identical and the QTS within 10%. So it seems to be more of a cosmetic issue. I wonder if JBL has any ideas or suggestions? Any comments? -Thanks

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Thanks Guys,

Guess it was more of an Altec problem, because JBL used foam on most of their drivers...a different set of problems.
Two observations though...I've never seen the problem on 123A/2212, and in the Altec world, never saw it happen to a 604.
Why do I have a feeling I will shortly see pics?
Heat must be a big factor here, as it seems to pop up the most on "garaged" speakers