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10-16-2008, 02:50 PM
Looking for some advice. My uncle has a pair of 604E's that he's had since new, and has said he's thinking about passing them on to me. The only problem is that the crossovers are fried. Does anyone know what the best cross over would be and where I could get them/price?

Thanks so much for the help in advance!!


10-17-2008, 11:08 AM
Your post may not be getting any attention because this part of the forum is not always visited as much as the main ones. It actually could be in either the Lansing Heritage General Information or Lansing Heritage DIY forum.

As I see it your options are:

1) if they are salvagable rebuild the old crossovers using parts of the same values from Madisound, Parts Express or Michael Percy Audio. If the original crossovers were toasted with being over-driven, you may need to have the magnets recharged.

2) hunt and buy the crossover designed by Mastering Lab for that speaker ($hundreds or thousands), or build them if you can find the schematic (nobody else has, as far as I know)

3) build the crossover designed for that speaker by Jeff Markwart. He has a web site. Correction: Jeff did not redesign that crossover, because he thought the original was quite good. There is a link to the schematic at his web site. Before you build or rebuild the original crossover (or buy the Mastering Labs version), make sure you have the original 16-ohm woofer cones and that the HF diaphragms are also original.

4) ask someone to do one of the above for you.

5) make contact at Great Plains Audio and ask them what they suggest.

5) go to the Altec User's forum at GPA and ask them over there.