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09-11-2008, 04:26 AM
Hi guys, i am new to the forum and there is only one reason i joined this forum. To retrieve some data about the JBL L80 speakers.

I own two of these speakers, and later on i bought 2 more. I am thinking about to buy an SVS Woofer to my system as well.

The thing is that iam really intrested in the data for these speakers, i found the catalougue(at here btw) but i am searching for a bit more than that.

I am also seeking some information regarding the L Center, which is a center speaker same design like the L series. a Tweeter in the middle and two mid ranges at each sides but i still need some more specs on them, i have been offered these for 300 and i am not sure if it is the right price, because i just bought two L80 more for almost the same amount.

So please if anyone has any informations on the L series speakers please provide them, and i would also appreciate your recommendation regarding buying the Center speaker for the mentioned amount or not.

The picture you see that is attched is the only decent one i have of it, i hope this leads you to something.