View Full Version : Altec 411 8A - prototype - no foam?

07-15-2008, 10:45 AM
I have pair of these that do not have foam surrounds. Steve from Great Plains Audio has not seen too many of these but each he has seen has had a foam surround.

From a visual inspection, it appears like the cone, spider, and traditional folded surround are very old, however. I'm guessing that they were not re-built, but I could be wrong. The surrounds do not have the black goo that is an Altec classic.

Anyway, is it possible that this pair is an Altec prototype that never made it into production?

If the original foam surround went bad, is it posssible the prior owner replaced the foam surrounds with the folded type from another manufacturor?

The magnet is a flat pancake (ceramic) about 20 lbs and the motor is rear vented. The frame is cast aluminium 4-web painted black, I beleive. According to Steve from GPA, some 411s were ceramic and some were Alnico. I'm assuming the younger versions carried the ceramic motor.

If I had to guess, it looks to me like these are mid-1980s circa primarily because of the aluminum - not steel frame and ceramic motor.

Any thoughts would be helpful.


07-15-2008, 04:33 PM
Here's the sales brochure: http://alteclansingunofficial.nlenet.net/proloudspeakers/lflit.html

You might also find Don's comments interesting too:

If this does not answer your questions you could try posting a couple of pictures.