View Full Version : Back in the saddle...

04-03-2004, 05:45 PM
...I finally got moved into my new home up in Rohnert Park, CA, (about 35 miles north of San Francisco) and finally got a DSL Internet connection back! For the past week or so, I'd only been able to drop in from a work computer now and then.

Anyway, now I can get get the L65As and L150s hooked back up, and also get started on designing some cabs for all the other JBL stuff I've collected over the last month or two, (Sub1500s, 2012H, 2118, 2105H, 2404H, etc...) - 'table saw is my next investment... Hey Widget - any feedback on that DSC260A yet? ;) 'no hurry - I'm still buried for the forseeable future... :rolleyes: