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Alex Lancaster
04-03-2004, 01:12 PM
We were getting deff. off topic.

Todd: Your regard for Altec is evident, of course; I have about 60 Comp drivers, but like JBL´s better; IMHO the only late things Altec did was the Tangerine plug, which I would think is better than the concentric plug, and the Mantaray horns; Sadly Altec, as we have seen, was dead in 1980 due to careless people in charge; So they are "vintage", but were way outdated 25 years ago.

Now, about Packards; They were great, but never a match for top of the line MBenzes of their same time, A good point for Packard: They probably built more Merlin engines than Rolls-Royce, maybe You were thinking of Duesenbergs.

As for Altec-Porsche, they are completely different; I am doing a non-exact resto on a ´66 911, with a 3.0L SC engine with Webers, the 2.O L is OK, but gutless.

I specifically dislike the idea of the vent on the dome of some Altecs.

Thanks for Your patience, Alex.