View Full Version : guitar speaker enclosure help please

04-02-2004, 04:45 PM
This is heresy and please forgive me but I want to put together a pair of enclosures each with a Pyle piezo tweeter (4kHz-20kHz) and a 12" electric guitar speaker. I already have the piezos left over from another project but need to buy the pair of 12s for about $100.00. For the pair: $100.00! Eminence has their Legend-125 in my price range. I'm not concerned with the enclosure extending the low frequency response as I'm electronically crossing them over at 150 Hz to subs. Back in the day, lots of guitar amp/speaker combos had open backs. How bad could that be? Dipole? If that's too pathetic, would someone volunteer to thrash the Thiele-Small numbers for me? Thank you. It's hard to argue with a sick mind.:rockon1: